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A Kid's Best Friend: Pet Themed Birthday

If you are looking for a birthday theme that will set your party apart from all the rest (and assuming you have a pet of some kind) this is the one! Your child wants to invite all their friends to come have fun and celebrate their birthday so why shouldn't that include the family pet? Your child and their pet can celebrate the day side by side, together! This might seem a little out there but it presents a lot of cute ideas from decorations to the activities and games. First off it should be said that this is a party best held outside as it might be a bit too risky to have indoors. Now that we have that settled, on to the decorations. These really depend on the type of pet that you have because they should really reflect their appearance. If these are hard to find, you can get decorations with all types of animals on them. This can be from the table clothes, plates, cups, treats, cupcakes and, of course, the main birthday cake. Another cute idea to add to the vibe is getting little stuffed animals or beanie babies to place throughout the party and to also send home with your guest at the end. This is one theme that is would be really awesome to have the classic party hats for everyone including the none human guest of honor! Since this is an outdoor event and the weather is still good, it would be perfect to incorporate all sort of water games from water balloons, sprinklers, slip and slide, water gun fights. These games and activities can include your pet if that is in their personality. Another way to include your special guest is to have face painting to resemble them or your guests can get their face painted to look like their own pet or favorite animal. When it comes to the food, anything goes but set aside or make some treats for your pet to enjoy with all your guests and when it comes time to blow out the candles, have an animal friendly treat with its very own candle! This idea might seem a tad crazy but has the potential to be super sweet and make a special day even more special!

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