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Birthday Party Activities & Games

Our Birthday Parties are worry-free, and by that we mean that not only will you arrive to a party arrangement that will already be set-up and decorated to, but also a guaranteed great time for you and your guests who, will participate in group activities and games inside the facility. Here is a brief look into what kind of games and activities your child’s guests will be involved in inside our gym.


Group Games

Being a gymnastics facility our specialty is in giving our kids a unique and FUN experience through the creation of games you won’t find anywhere else! Our group games are created to keep kids active, while enjoying themselves. Our staff uses all kinds of props for our games from mats, to poly shapes, to cones, and even pit cubes! The different style of games include, cooperative games where there really isn’t a winner or a loser (great for younger age groups), competitive games where there is one or a multitude of winners, and even team games where the kids are divided into groups to accomplish one goal and be the winning team. Some of our games incorporate gymnastics skills that, of course, will first be taught in a safely manner to all participating children, others include conditioning exercises such as jogging, jumping, etc, and other games focus around the listening skills that are important for all kids to have.


Gymnastics Activities

Our staff and coaches will take your child and their guests through some of the more basic gymnastics skills on the events for men and women gymnastics. Depending on the age of the participating children and their interest in it. We will never force a child that has no interest in learning gymnastics skills to participate. Because the ages of the birthday party guests may vary, coach will split them up into groups so that we can assure their safety and well-being by providing age and size appropriate gymnastics activities. While your guests may not leave as Olympic Gymnastics Champions, you can rest assured that they will take home some new gymnastics skills along with memories of a GREAT PARTY!



Party guests will also be allotted a time for FREE PLAY inside our facility. Free time will begin with a description of all the rules in our gym, to maintain the child’s safety at all times. This free play will be closely supervised by our coaches, and will be specified to a certain area where kids will be free to jump on our trampolines into our foam pit, or play with the toys we have available to them. Because we know some of the party guests may have never been in a facility like ours, coaches will be available for help in mounting and dismounting our equipment, providing safety spotting if necessary, and giving them fun ideas to try safely!

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