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Throw A Knock Out Party!

Are you looking to throw a party that has that little something EXTRA that makes it stick in your guests and your mind long after it is over? Something that will knock people out when they walk in the door? Well here at Flips Birthday Party Hall we think that we can provide you with a whole lot of extra somethings! First and foremost the first WOW factor is that we have an awesome gym and a lot of space to work with that gives us and you endless possibilities as far as activities and games. And inside this giant space are trampolines, tumble trak a huge foam pit to jump and flip into. No matter the skill level or age who doesn't find it fun to get tons of air from a tramp and then get to land in a fluffy pit of foam all safe and sound? There doesn't seem to be a downside to that and it is sure to be a crowd pleaser! And for the littler ones we have a whole area dedicated to them and a mini jumping balloon just the right size for little legs. Most places may have one or two of these things but here you can get them all in one place! Along side all that we have bars, beam, vault, and a great big floor where the kids can be taught a little bit of gymnastics, which is a WOW factor sport at any level! Now on the decoration end there is just as much to look forward to. We have many creative themes to choose from that keep the party exciting and unique from all other party places. We always make the theme a focal point and tie it in to everything from the decorations to the activities. And now that we mentioned decorations, our coaches and staff are trained to create fabulous balloon pillars and arches that are sure to impress your guests as soon as they walk in. You just choose the colors and we created it for you and all cheaper than you would find anywhere else! Another special feature that we have much experience putting together is a photo booth. We have the materials and can set that up for you to capture all the memories and having the photos look like they were done by a professional without the cost! And last but definitely not least we have our coaches which are our ultimate WOW factor. They set up, clean up, watch the kids, conduct the activities and games safely, help serve the food and treats all so that you can focus on enjoying your party and your guests!

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