The Holidays are here!

It’s that time of year; time for family and friends, get together, and office parties. The majority of us experience the holiday party at work and pot-luck. What to take is always the question. We take the usual sides, rice, mashed potatoes ect. What about taking something different and cute! Even for our family gatherings, surprise them all with something different, delicious and cute. For example, finger foods you could take pigs in blanket, but shaped in a wreath! How cute is that?! I loved the idea and I will be making for my family this Christmas. How about dessert? Let’s get the kids involved and give them something to do so they won’t get bored and frustrated. Bake brownies and cut them into triangles, then have different colors of frosting, and mini m&m’s so that they may decorate their own dessert! It will keep them busy and entertained, and it’s their dessert. If you’re hosting add a little décor to your dinner table. Using candy canes, flowers and wine glasses; which is what we usually have, and make your table stand out! These are just some ideas that I found on Pinterest, and some that I’ve used. Happy Holidays!

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  • Party Hall in El Paso, TX
  • Party Hall in El Paso, TX
  • Party Hall in El Paso, TX

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