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Bonfire Birthday

The evenings are perfect right now to gather around the bonfire, cook up some food, and enjoy the heat of the day slipping away outside! Now this is a party idea for the older kids in your lives as it might be a bit boring a tad dangerous for the littler ones. But this idea is perfect for preteens and teens to still have a birthday theme while not feeling like it is too cheesy or kid-ish. Now this theme is pretty simple and straight forward in pretty much all areas but one but lets go over the simple bits first! The decorations can range in variety from woodsy to classic party decorations depending on the vibe that you are going for. Streamers, decorations, and or lights hanging from the branches of the trees outside give out a magical feel. Another lighting idea is to put no flame candles or tea lights in brown paper bags and put them everywhere from the tables or lining the wall or fence. You can set up a tent with lots of pillows and blankets for the kids to hang out in and will give the vibe of having a fort which all kids enjoy. Big comfy pillows, chairs, and blankets are a must so your guests can sit around the fire socializing and of course cooking up smores (also a must) and hot dogs! That brings us to the food which is pretty straight forward and simple. Fire up the grill and defrost those burgers, steaks etc. and have a barbecue with all the classic fixings! Anything that can be cooked on a grill is pretty much fair game for this party. The mix of the smell of the bonfire and delicious eats will really make you feel that summer is here and it is good. Another cool addition is adding sparklers and other firecracker products that are legal and safe to use inside the city limits. While you sing Happy Birthday to the special boy or girl would be the perfect time to light them up or set them off! But now for the complicated part which is building a bonfire the safe way. If you already have a fire pit then you are set to put this theme into action but if you don't then this is something that you are going to have to take great care in putting together. Their are lots of rules and regulations for safety so I would suggest that you go to and follow their instructions very carefully. They have instructions for both permanent and temporary fire pits that can be build with different materials. An alternative idea is to use or buy an outdoor adobe fireplace or fire pit table which take a bit let effort and something that you might be more comfortable with. Whichever you choose safety is #1! Enjoy!

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