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Birthday Cakes

There are so many options for birthday cakes; whether big or small, round, squared, oval, or the shape or the cartoon character. I not only want to make sure my cake looks amazing, but also taste amazing. What good is a beautiful cake with the most intricate details, but has no flavor to it, or even worst the cake is spoiled! I have experienced that before at birthday parties, the cake looks amazing, but because it was bake d so far in advance the day of the event the cake had spoiled. If the baker is recommended to you, try and find out if that baker offers tastings before ordering, and find out their baking procedures. I personally don’t take someone’s word for it, only because this will be my party and MY guest. I don’t like looking bad with my guests. I have always made the cake and food the main focus at my parties, each one of us has different ideas. I always try and make sure that what I serve tastes good. Happy party planning and hope this helps.

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