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Zoo Themed Party

Spring is just around the corner; parties for March thru May birthdays are being planned as we speak. How fun would Zoo themed party be?! It’s the perfect weather for it, and so many ideas come to mind. You have your regular of course, having animal masks for the kids to wear during the party. How about animal shaped sandwiches?! You could make a sandwich with your favorite fixings and with cookie cutters shape them out! Something as simple as animal cookies can be given to the kids as treats; or event zebra cakes! How awesome would that be? If you would like to offer more of a healthier snack then why not celery with either peanut butter or yogurt and offer different toppings like; raisins, peanuts, chocolate chips, ect.. I think this would involve the kids to create their own and still be healthy. There’s so many ideas on the internet to use. For their treat bags, you can have them ready OR they could also be an arts and craft project. All you would need to do is have the animal cut outs ready, brown sandwich bags, and some kind of glue and sit them down to make the animal of their choice. Not only do they get to have fun, but they get to choose their treat bags. There are so many ideas, hope you have fun looking and putting your party together.

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