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Kids Olympics Birthday!

The Olympics only come around every four years so why not take advantage of them to have an awesome birthday theme! The Olympics always evoke excitement and inspiration and why wouldn't you want to bring that to your kids birthday party? First off, lets set the vibe with some patriotic decorations like red, white, and blue balloons, plates, cups, steamers everywhere! This color scheme could also be incorporated in to the treats like cup cakes, candies, and the main birthday cake. The Olympic rings and colors are also something that is a must to have when it comes to decorations at this party and the good news is you can't really overdo it with them! You can also always customize it a bit more by including the location of the games like this year Rio. That would mean having a more Brazilian feel mixed in with all the classic Olympic vibes!

As for the activities you might have guessed it but it wouldn't be an Olympic themed birthday without incorporating some timeless Olympic themed games and friendly competition. Some ideas are foot races, hurdles, relay races, a soccer goal kick off, long jump, discus (with a frisbee), bean bag toss etc. There are really all kinds of simple DIY ways of replicating the different summer games. At the end you can hand our medals to the children that perform the best and also some prizes for participation that everyone will het so that things run smoothly and no one feels left out.

We here at Flips Birthday Party Hall are the perfect place to hold a party with this theme and take it to the next level! Not only do we have the balloon decorations down, like arches and pillars, but we are located in an actual gymnastics gym! What better place than a huge gym with professional equipment to set the mood and help your guests imagine that they are real Olympians for a couple of hours. Not only can we easily replicate all the games and activities listed above but we can add simple and basic gymnastics competitions to that list. We also have trained coaches on hand to make sure that even the most inexperience child can participate safely. Really it is the perfect time to try out this theme and we have everything you need for this theme all here and in one place!

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