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Whenever I have a birthday party I always end up forgetting something; wither it’s the candle or the lighter for the candle, you guess it I forgot it. Maybe this will help US to remember for our next event. First and foremost your invitations! We can’t have a party without guests! Ok, so let’s begin with the birthday child, we want them dressed nice and pretty/handsome usually to match with their theme. So we need plates for the dinner you will be serving as well as for the cake cups for the drinks and don’t forget to get some water too. Silverware for both dinner and cake, your decorations for the guest tables, cake table, gift table and anything that you want the hall to be decorated with including balloons. Your cake, we can’t forget that along with the knife, candle, and lighter for the candle. For the kids their candy bags, any prizes given for games, and any other party favors. I think it’s a nice touch if you add pop-corn or cotton candy to your event. Usually the halls have these to add to your package. Just depending on where you’re having your party a DJ would be fun, magic show, jumping balloon if not already included. We can’t forget the piñata! Hope this list helps for when you’re planning your party and for the day off. Happy planning and have fun!

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