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DIY Balloon Pinatas

Now we here at Flips Birthday Party Hall don't think that a birthday party is complete without a pinata having been smashed to bits and candy flying everywhere at the end. It just isn't right but going to a store and buying one can be a bit boring and can lack personality. But if you are willing to get a little messy in order to add your own personal touch to your pinata then follow these easy step by step direction on how to make your very own balloon pinata!


  • Newspaper

  • String

  • scissors

  • Balloons

  • Flour

  • Water

  • Mixing bowl

  • Decorative tissue and/or paint


  • Step one- DON'T GET ATTACHED! No matter how beautiful your creation or how proud of it you are it will be smashed into bits by little kids as you watch. But the kids will love it!

  • Now that we have that out of the way, you are to start by cutting the newspaper into long strips.

  • Next, get the bowl and mix together the flour and water in about equal amounts to make a pasty solution. If it is a bit too watery then add more flour and if it is too thick then add more water.

  • Now it is time it blow up the balloon! You choose the size however big or small and tie it off.

  • After that, you are going to start dipping the newspaper strips in the paste and sticking them onto the balloon until every inch and centimeter is fully covered except for where the balloon is tied off (important) and then let it dry. Repeat this step until you are satisfied that the shell is hard enough to hold but not too strong that the little ones can't break it.

  • It is now the time to take your scissor and cut the part of the balloon the is exposed and POP. You should now have a hollow balloon shaped structure in front of you.

  • Next is the creative part where you put your own stamp on it by decorating however you wish. You can paint it, glue tissue paper to it or both. Really the sky is the limit!(This would also be a good time to get he kids involved if you haven't already!)

  • Now is the time for all your hard work to pay off and be destroyed by your tiny guests. But, again, it is fun!

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