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Pirate Birthday: Yo Ho!

The Flips Birthday Party Hall is the perfect location to have all of your high seas adventures at! We have a huge facility in which it is easy to play make believe that you are in the great big ocean and to play daringly fun games with your birthday cap'n!

Decorations & Costumes

To start you have to set the vibe in our lobby which you can really get creative with whether it be by buying super cool decorations or making them yourself. One awesome, cheap, DIY idea is making a treasure chest out of a foam ice chest. All it takes is some gold and brown paint and a picture to reference and you have your very own treasure chest! Next you can stuff it to the brim with plastics beads, jewelry, and candy as your "booty". To mix decorating and activity is having the place mats on the tables be blank pirate flags that your guests can color in. Striped table clothes would make the perfect choice for the feel. Other things you can have ready for your little guests are telescopes made out of paper towel rolls that have been painted or fake "bejeweled" or some dollar bandanas, eye patches, face paint, and fake tattoos so that they can transform into pirates as soon as they walk through the door!

Activities & Games

This party is all about playing the role of a pirate and going on adventures so the perfect main activity is having a scavenger hunt! Your can make your own customized treasure map! This is where having your party at the gym because you have so much space and places to hide your treasures. They will have to look under mats, climb though the foam pit, and carefully "walk the plank" on the beams in order to find everything! Plus they can pretend that our giant floor is the ocean that they can't touch so they will have to jump from mat to mat like going through a big obstacle course!

Just bring the grub and grog and we will take care of the rest! Hope to see you and your mates soon!

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