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Valentine’s Day

This New Year is already going by so fast! It’s February, sheesh! I wish it could slow down just a bit. To think that in only two weeks we’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day with our loved ones. Then comes St. Patrick’s Day, then Easter and before we know it Christmas is here! Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite days. All the pink and red all around, flowers being delivered everywhere. I love it! It’s like a BIG love party that everyone is invited to, just in our own personal way. You have all the heart balloons, cupcakes, heart shaped cookies, and heart shaped cakes. Love is felt all around, and it’s beautiful! I personally like to make my family their favorite dish, lasagna! They love my lasagna, so my way of saying “I love you” is by making this dish on special occasions Valentine’s being one of them. No matter how you celebrate it, with whom or if you celebrate everyday as if it were Valentine’s Day, it’s a beautiful day. Share the love!

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