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Bubble Birthday

This theme is one that is perfect for those who are on a budget because it can be interpreted in so many different ways and works with a variety of different materials. You have a lot to work with and choose from so it fits almost any budget from big to small. This is also a theme that is precious for the little, teenie, tiny ones from babies to about 5 years old. It is also an theme that you can easily apply from the decorations, food, gifts, to activities and games. One requirement for this theme is that you your party outside though! Other than that everything is pretty loose and is up to your own taste or what you want the vibe to be. As far as the decorations go, anything circular or spherical will work such as balloons (lots and lots) and balls, preferably blue, clear and/or translucent so it more closely resembles bubbles. Of course bubble printed fabrics would be perfect or if you can't find that, clear or blue plastic materials would work just as well as table covers or streamers. One great idea would be having or renting a bubble machine because it can serve the duel purpose of being a decoration and fun activity for the kids. Now that we have brought activities up, one essential idea is to have individual bottles of bubbles, which you can find at the dollar store, for all your guests, especially the little ones. Along with these you can also get little bubble shooters for the kids to have fights with or play tag with. Besides all the running around popping bubbles had bubble battles, there are also creative activities you can provide for your guests.

One is "Bubble Art" which is where you put food coloring into the bubble solution and have the kids blow bubbles over a large or small piece of paper and watch as the bubble pop and make splatter patterns on the paper. Another way to get your creative with your guest is also pretty simple fun and feels like a mini science experiment. What you do is you get two straw or straight sticks, two pieces of string, and a baking pan or plastic pan. You tie the strings to the end of the straws or sticks and the put them into the solution in the pan. Then all you have to do is lift it up from the middle of the straws or sticks and twist, turn, and blow into the middle of it make weird shaped bubble to your hearts content!

One of the funnest ideas that also makes for a great photo opportunity is one that involves a children's waiting pool, a hula hoop, a stool/block or something sturdy and safe to stand on, and lots of bubble solution. Now fill the pool with the solution, place the stool in the middle of the pool and the hula hoop around it. Next get a guest to stand on the stool and have two people lift up the hula hoop around the special guest on the stool and be quick to snap a photo of them being engulfed in a giant tube of bubble. It is a cool effect for both the people outside to see and the person inside! And lastly, since you have all this soapy, slippery, bubbly solution around everywhere, why not whip out the water slide or check out one of our previous blogs, Wet and Wild Birthday, for instructions on how to build your own. Enjoy!

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