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Wet and Wild Birthday

We usually spend much of the summer season trying to escape the fierce heat but sometimes you just can't. All that is left to do is embrace it and make it work to your advantage! Now if you are trying to do this with a birthday party then there is no better way than to throw a Wet and Wild Party! Now no don't think that you have to have a pool to make your party a splash because there are so many different games and activities that are perfect for keeping cool in the face of the hot sun. First off you will need lots and lots and lots of water balloons (and then some more) that you will use in a variety of games like a toss, a fight or dodge. A toss is where you have everyone pair up and then toss the balloons back and forth while backing up a step each time until all the balloon have burst and their are only two left. A fight is self explanatory and is an activity where you can just let your guests go wild! The water balloon dodging game follows the same rules as dodge ball so you will separate your guests into equal groups and have them throw water balloons at each other until only one is left standing! You can also hand out little $1 store water guns or even just $1 store spray bottles if that is what you are more comfortable with and have them running around spraying each other or playing tag. These also make awesome party favors for your guests to take home and use throughout their summer! There is also a version of duck, duck, goose that is perfect for this theme which is drip, drip, soak and the difference is that the child walking around to choose who will be next will have either a cup of water or a wet sponge so that when they pick someone they soak them! I have saved the best for last with this awesomely simple but awesomely great idea of making a DIY water slide! All you will need are three things and those are:

  • clear plastic sheeting (heavy duty)/camping tarp-both of which you can get at a hardware store

  • water hose

  • $1 store shampoo/ dish detergent

All you will need to do is lay out the tarp or sheet on a part of your yard that is slightly down hill. If your yard is pretty level this will still work for you but you just may not be able to get that speed that you would get if it was on a hill. Next you turn the hose on the sheet and keep it running the whole time your guests are using the slide. Lastly you liberally apply the shampoo or dish detergent as you will not be able to slide on the tarp/sheet otherwise. There will be lots of burns and injuries that nobody wants so this last step is not one to skip!

So make sure everyone comes in their favorite swimsuits, brings their towels and a change of clothes cause they are going to need them after your fantastic birthday party! These party activities are the perfect way to BEAT THE HEAT!

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