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DIY Photo Booth

Every birthday party is filled with important memories in need of documenting! One of the funnest, most creative, and also the least hassle is a DIY photo booth! You don't have to spend big bucks on renting one or hiring a professional photographer when you could make something that does the job just as good or, in our opinion, even better. First off, this project can be made with a huge variety of materials and can be made to fit just about any theme that you can come up with! Some materials you can use are all different kinds of patterned or plain fabrics, plastic table clothes, streamers, lights, door curtains, banners and so much more. It really all depends on the theme or the aesthetic that you want the photos to have. The sky is the limit! One thing that will add more character to your photos is to add props. You can find print outs on the Google that are super simple and free to print out so that they can be glued to some card stock or something thick that can be glued to a stick of some sort. This is so your guest can do all sorts of silly things like wear funky glasses and hats and give themselves big, fluffy mustaches and beards or different masks. It just adds to the fun! As far as the camera goes there are many methods to choose from too. You can have a camera or even a tablet on a tripod and timer or your guests can use a selfie stick. It also is a good idea to have a printer at your party that can print out the pictures from any smartphone, camera, or tablet right then and there that way you can avoid the hassle of having to print out the photos for ALL of your guests yourself and they also won't be bothering you for their party photos in the future. Having a DIY photo booth is something that will allow you to preserve your memories in style and not break your budget! It is also sure to make your party stand out in the minds of your guests and it'll also help that they will have all those awesome photos to remind them!

TIPS: There is no need to get too fancy or complicated with your photo backdrop. You want the main focus to be on your guests!

Put the backdrop in a spot that has the best lighting and isn't too dark. You want the pictures to be well lit without having to use the flash.

This is an idea that we can have used here at Flips Birthday Party Hall before with great results! We would be more than happy to help set something like this up for you to fit your theme and your vision for how you want your party pictures to turn out!

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