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Make Party Planning Less Complicated!

Parties are all about having fun and celebrating special people and occasions but planning one can be the exact opposite. You get caught up in the details and start complicating things and overthinking the whole process. One way to stay away from this and keep things simple is to just remember and stick to one essential, the theme! Once you have picked out a theme the rest of your choices like the invitations, food, cake, decorations and activities a lot easier to make. When it comes to choosing a theme, think of what your child's favorite movie, band/musical artist, book, or activity is or just have them pick their own. One less decision for you! Once the choice of a theme is made you can usually find and buy the invitations, decorations, and cake at the a store. If you go to a party store you can usually find all that you will need like napkins, plates/cups, balloons, party bags, pinatas and other decorations that all match the theme exactly. If not there are lots of DIY ideas online for almost any party theme that you can come up with.

With all that done, the next thing is the cake and other treats which is also practically decided when you pick out a theme. You can go to your local grocery store bakery where they have a variety of designs for cakes, cupcakes, and other tasty treats or also, again, you can go online and find a lot of DIY ideas for these things if you are up for it! As far as the food goes, it might be a bit confusing if not impossible to stick to the party's theme so it might be best to stick to the crowd pleasers. Since this is all about keeping things simple, some of the simplest foods that are cheap and easy to feed a large group are salads, chicken wings, fruit/veggie plate and especially pizza! Plus kids can be pretty picky when it comes to food so sticking to the basics is probably the safest way to go.

Here at Flips Birthday Party Hall, we either take care of or assist in all that was talked about above making your party planning even less complicated! Through experience, we know how much easier it is to plan a party when there is a theme so we offer a variety of different themes that we are experts at planning out and are also perfectly happy and able to incorporate whatever theme you would like. We will do things like sending out specialized invitations, set up decorations, tables (including the cake and gift tables), and plan out activities that fit your theme so that you, the parent, can sit back and enjoy the company of your guests. Our party planner will work very closely with you so that your party is exactly the way that you envisioned! When planning your party with Flips, you can take a deep breathe and relax because we are right their with you every step of the way!

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