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DIY Star Wars Birthday Ideas

With the newest installment of Star Wars, The Force Awakens, having just come out this year, a whole new generation of kids has been introduced to the timeless classic franchise! When you think of Star Wars you might think of it being strictly a boys birthday theme but you would be wrong! There are strong female characters and story lines that are just as appealing to girls, especially with this new installment. Not only is this theme unisex but it can be surprisingly DIY and that is a factor that we look for and love her at Flips Birthday Party Hall!

You can make anything from your own invitations, masks, cups, labels, treats to your very own lightsabers! If you have a computer and a printer then you pretty much can make half of these custom decorations and they are all FREE. You can print out the face of any character and glue it to a popsicle stick and your have yourself a mask! There are R2D2 print outs that you can glue around the outside of plain old $1 store cup and they will look like expensive party store cups. As far as the treats go, you can print out different labels that say Jedi Juice, Yoda Soda, Wookie Cookies, and Tatooine Treats and make any treat that you choose to make or buy fit the Star Wars theme! This is super cute idea and way cheaper than going to a store or bakery and buying custom Star Wars treats.

There are also some other decoration ideas that are just as simple but may take a bit more time and more materials but are still super simple! One is if you have a black sheet, cloth or curtain that you don't use or your you can dye one of these and then paint yellow stars for a space-y backdrop for pictures and give the room a classic Star Wars vibe. You can also make your own lightsabers out of foam pool noodles that have been cut down to the length of a toy sword. You then take grey duct tape and black tape to create the handle and markers to add more details. This is a cool and safe way to recreate the fight scenes from the movies! One fun and simple activity that is sure to make it an official Star Wars party (and give you a break) is having movie time and watching the films that made this party theme so popular. This will also make it easier for your guests to get lost in the fantasy of the theme of your other worldly party!

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