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April Showers Bring May Flowers Theme

May is a month where Spring is slowly calming down and things start heating up for Summer so one of the most fitting seasonal birthday party themes is from the saying "April shower bring May flowers". This theme brings up so many decorating and activity possibilities and ideas. The decorations can revolve around all things natural from, of course, flowers but now you can also incorporate clouds, raindrops and rainbows. The color scheme is literally every color of the rainbow so you are not limited to one or two key colors and most if not all of the decorations can be homemade and so they are budget friendly. One of the cutest decoration ideas is an streamers of raindrops,that are either blue or multi-colored, that can be hung anywhere and everywhere making it look like it is raining right inside the room! To make these you need just two materials:

  • white or shiny-silver ribbon

  • blue or multiple colors construction paper

First, you cut the paper into the shapes of raindrops and poke a hole on each end. You can use just blue to go for a more realistic rain look and feel or you can use different colors so it looks like it is raining rainbows! Either way it'll look awesome and have a more interesting affect that just regular ol' streamers. Next you cut the ribbon into 2 to 3 inch strings and then you tie those in between the paper rain drops. You can do this however many times you want to depending on how long you want them to be. An extra thing you can do is get an umbrella and try the streamers along the edges and hang the umbrella from the ceiling. When making the rainbow decorations you can use paint, marker, construction paper or whatever you want for the body of the rainbow but a cool idea that adds a little pop to these decorations is gluing cotton balls at the ends do make up the clouds! Balloons are also the perfect thing to make the main eye grabbing decoration out of. All you'll need is:

  • multiple colors of balloons and white balloons

  • string or ribbon

All you do is blow up the different colored balloons and tie them together with the string or ribbon. Then you blow up the white balloons and tie them together but in two separate clusters of 5 or 6 balloons. Tie these clusters to the ends of the line of different colored balloon and weight the ends down to create an arch shape and there you have it! A giant decoration that is sure to impress but is easy and affordable to make all on your own. For flower decoration ideas you can reference on of out previous blogs called Spring Flower Birthday! With the treats you can go with anything that is multi colored like skittles, M&Ms and jellybeans. Having cotton candy would also be especially perfect because of the cloud affect that it has and plus it would be an extra special treat that is fun for the kids to eat and is not something they get everyday. You can either have a rainbow cake that is bright or a cake with blue icing that raindrop themed or an awesome idea is to combine the two by having the blue icing on the outside but have rainbow confetti cake on the inside. It's cake so we're sure the kids will be pleased with anyway that you decide to decorate it! As far as the activities go, since this is the month where things start getting warmer you can start playing some water games again so you could maybe have a water balloon fight, have the kids play with those little $1 store water guns or maybe just turn on the sprinklers and let this kids run around. You could even use the umbrellas for this and have kids try to shield themselves from the water with them. This is a great way of celebrating both a birthday and the last month of Spring!

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