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A Stress Free Party Planning Experience

We here at Flips Party Hall know all too well the stress that can come with planning a birthday party. Responsibilities and things that need to get done seem to pile up to the point were it is a mad dash to get everything done in time right? To prevent this from happening to you is our goal when you sign up to have your party with us. Our top goal is to take the stress out of the planning and execution of a party so that you actually have the chance to enjoy yourself and spend your time on more important things like your guest and of course your birthday boy or girl! To accomplish this goal, we take as much responsibility off you and put it on to us so that you have as few things to worry about as possible. Your responsibilities become ours! You will have a party coordinator that is there to work with you, answer your every question, and cover your every need. This person will help you figure out what package is best for your needs, find out whatever theme you may want, set the date and then make your vision become a reality. Once you set that date we have you covered! We will provide the venue, tables and seating,music, staff/coaches, party activities for the children, set up and clean up and, if you choose, additional options of balloons and balloon decorations, treats like snow cones and/or popcorn and pizza. The coaches that we provide for every party are not only there to conduct and supervise the activities but also help set up any extra decorations that you provide, help serve any food that you have brought in for your guests, and the cutting and serving of the cake. They will take care of everything from set up to clean up so that you and your other adult guests can do activities that adults would enjoy while the kids are having a blast in the gym. All of Gymnastics Elite staff including our party coordinator and our coaches are here to work with you and do all we can in order for you to have the best birthday party experience that there is to be had in El Paso!

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