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Were more than tables and chairs!

This past Saturday, at Gymnastics Elite, we celebrated the very special occasion!! She and her family chose our carnival party theme so the party had an old-time feel to it. Everything from the games the kids played to the treats and decorations were things that you might find at an outdoor carnival. The lobby was set up with tables decorated in red and white paper on them there were vintage styled striped "fresh popcorn" bags filled with classic treats that olden day carnival goers might have enjoyed like animal crackers and shelled peanuts. We also set up a table were we had an old-time looking popcorn "popper" along side a snow cone machine so that our coaches could prepare and hand out unlimited popcorn and snow cones for all of the guests. Our coaches also helped hand out all the delicious food that the family brought themselves and made sure that everyone had what they needed. As far as games and activities, the kids played time-honored games such as sack racing, carnival throwing booth style games and tug of war, where they had a game where it was the coaches against all of the kids and guess who won? The kids of course! We also had a mini jumping balloon and our toddler play area for the younger party goers. This being a Flips Birthday Party Hall party, our coaches and taught and spotted the kids as they did basic gymnastics skills on some of our equipment as well as letting them jump on our trampolines into our giant foam pits that they had a blast swimming through. After all of the physical activity it was time for blowing out the candle and cutting the cake, which was also carnival themed and awesome. In this case we had to do this twice as the birthday girls little brother blew out her candle for her the first time! The party ended with the smashing of the clown pinata which sent all the kids into a frenzy! Everyone left with there share of the candy, a piece of the pulverized clown and a carnival themed gift bag filled to the brim with treats.

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