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Our Birthday Party Packages

Are you looking for a place to hold your child's birthday party that has that special something? Something that will set their party apart and make memories that will never be forgotten but also be super convenient and doesn't go over your budget? Well that is exactly what we at Gymnastics Elite were looking to provide when we started our Flips Birthday Party Hall. We have had a pretty stellar success rate so far and the bases of that success has been the three,small (Fri.- Sun), medium (Fri.- Sun.) and large (Sat.-Sun.), party packages we offer and how they cover our customer every need. With each of these packages we will provide you with a party coordinator, who would work very closely with you to achieve exactly what you want and to answer all your questions and concerns and coaches to supervise your little ones and insure their safety throughout the party and all the activities that would be going on. Another thing that we offer with every package is the option of choosing a theme if you do not already have one in mind. The themes we provide are Dance Party, Carnival, Minute-To-Win-It and Ninja Zone. They each provide a different vibe for your party and have their own unique games and decorations. Regardless of if you choose one of these themes or come up with one of your own, we will do the setting up and decorating before hand. In between blowing out the candles, cutting the cake and opening presents there will be a wide variety of activities for your guests to enjoy! One of the most special aspect that we have here and that sets us apart from other party venues is that we incorporate gymnastics and all the equipment that we have in our gym into our party activities. Now don't think that your party goers need to have any gymnastics experience or skill but they will have the opportunity to be exposed to this wonderful sport at a very basic level by our trained coaches. They will have access to our trampolines, foam pit and mini jumping balloon and an area where they will be able to break open a pinata (if one is provided). There will be none stop activity and no shortage of space in which to do it in. We give the birthday child and all their guests a unique birthday experience they will never forget and we take the stress out of organizing and overseeing a kids birthday party for our parents. We take care of everything from the moment we send out our personalized Gymnastics Elite invitations to the after party clean up. The motto for our Flips Birthday Party Hall is that you and your child deserve more than just tables and chairs from a party hall so this is why we do all we can to go above and beyond for our customers!

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