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Earth Day

With Earth Day being on the 22nd of this month we at Flips Birthday Party Hall think would be fun and fitting to incorporate the environment into your party theme. One super cute and creative way of doing this is having a party that centers around animals of all different kinds! Who doesn't love animals right? We have some ideas that are creative and affordable and your little ones will have a blast with. From the decorations and dressing up the kiddos as different animals to the activities and games they will be playing, there is a lot of things you can do with this theme! Some things that you might need are for the decorations are:

  • brown and green craft paper

  • green balloons

  • little plastic toy animals and or stuffed animal/beanie babies

  • anything animal print (napkins, cups, plates, table cloth)

  • animal crackers

One unique and creative way of decorating and getting the feel of being outside and in the wild is wrapping a cylinder shaped object (maybe one of the mats we have here at gym) in brown craft paper, making a tree trunk and tying a bunch of blown up green balloons to look like the leaves. The green paper can be scrunched and rolled up to create "vines" and a mysterious vibe of being in a jungle. The Flips Birthday Party Hall is a great venue for creating the feel of a vast jungle where the kids have plenty of space to jump and run around pretending to be their favorite animal. To help their imagination really come alive you can make homemade costumes out of affordable and readily available materials. Some of the material you would need are:

  • basic white paper plates

  • markers and/or washable plaint

  • plain black headbands

  • construction paper

  • string

The paper plates can be drawn or painted to look like any animal the child wants and eye holes can easily and safely cut by one of our coaches. Then all it takes is some string and voila! You have a homemade mask that provides a fun and creative activity for the little party goers to enjoy. Or if you or someone you know is artistically inclined you can go with face painting which is always a crowd pleaser. You can also make animal ears for the kids by getting cheap headbands, from the dollar store, and gluing on ears that are cut our of the construction paper in different varieties of species of animal. This theme is all about imagination and role play and giving the kids an opportunity to be literal "party animals"!

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