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Easter Parties

With Easter being in the month of March it seems like a fun and convenient idea to have a Easter themed birthday party! The stores will be stocked with plenty of Easter themed decorations and treats which will make getting everything you need simple and easy! Another upside to having an Easter themed birthday party is that all the fun games you associate with Easter you can play at your party. Somethings that you want to keep an eye out for when planning a birthday with this theme is:

  • Cotton Balls

  • Plastic Eggs (or hard boiled eggs)

  • Easter Baskets

  • Any Easter themed candy

  • Pastel colored decorations

  • Bunny Ears

Easter is full of light pastel colors so when throwing a party with this theme you should aim for a brightly lit and open area. The decorations should almost make you feel like you are outside. An easy way of getting this vibe is to stick to the classic Easter color theme of pastel colors and floral patterns. The tables can be covered with green confetti and basket stuffing that look like grass and paper carrots and flowers. You can go to the dollar store where you can find plastic Easter eggs and all different kinds of Easter candies that you can fill them with for a fun Easter egg hunt during your party! Another game you can play is a twist on "pin the tail on the donkey" and that is using cotton balls to "pin the tail on the bunny". And then there is also the traditional activity of decorating Easter with by either dyeing them or, for less mess, you can use markers or even crayons. You can buy bunny ears for all the kids to where or you can make DIY birthday hats out of simple white paper and draw a bunny face on them and use the cotton balls again to add a cute bunny tail. Another good idea is instead of giving out candy bags you can give out baskets to the kids for their candy and the eggs that they decorated and found in the Easter egg hunt.

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