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Planning another birthday party?

We have all felt that feeling, when it is once again time to start planning your child’s birthday party again! If your child is anything like me when I was a kid I would stress my mother out over what we were going to do for my birthday the minute it was the first of October! It can be annoying and overwhelming and add lots stress that is not needed. I had to do something different every year and it couldn’t be anything my friends had just done as well. Luckily mom was a superhero and somehow put up with it. So I am here to share with you some new and unique things you can do for your child on their birthday to make it easier for you, all it takes to spark a plan into action is a little creative help!

Why do something different and unique for your child’s birthday? Well it simple because their birthday is all about making them feel special, if it is the same thing as last year or same thing as all their friends how will they feel special it won’t be unique to their special and beautiful personalities!!. Here at flips that is exactly why we create birthdays to be a unique experience unlike any in our community. At flips we provide interactive and supervised activities lead by our coaches for the children. This is to create nonstop fun from beginning to end. Other than the location and facility you chose to host the party there are many ways to make the party unique from different themes, to cake variations, to unique favor that will leave guest asking you to plan their next kids party.

So from the very beginning of your planning stage you can make the party unique by choosing a different theme. Some themes to choose from are.; A mad scientist party, spy party/ secret agent, Animal kingdom/safari or take it back and do a candy land or Willy Wonka themed party these themes will not go out of style anytime soon and what kid doesn’t like candy! What’s also nice about all of this is these themes can be tailored for boys and or girls party and still be a blast. Now onto alternatives to cake!

If your child isn’t too fond of cake there are many other options you can replace cake with to please your child. The easiest choices are to do brownies, cupcakes and or popsicles, however there is also the option of donuts or build your own ice cream Sunday’s station which I would have to say is my favorite! A popular idea but that is still very unique is doing a candy buffet and what is cool is they now have candy candles so the birthday child can still make a wish and blow it out, this buffet will also let each kid the ability to personalize there own goodie bag which can also double as a favor.

Speaking of favors this is where you can get really creative! One of our last parties we hosted had their favor as a custom made party playlist the guest all got to take home to remember the fun, this mom even attached the case to ribbon to make it into a medal to go with the theme of gymnastic champion. Other great ideas that can be done for cheap is a photo frames that they can put in a picture from the party in to remember the day to a book mark cause every kid needs to read! If you’re doing a mad scientist they can take home cool science experiments, to spy their own decoder message that reads thank you when solved!

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