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Flip Tumble and Twirl!

Title: Flip Tumble and Twirl!

With Flips birthday party hall being at a gymnastics facility I thought how fitting to talk about planning a Flip-tastic party for your child. A gymnastic theme can be fun for boys and girls of all ages from little toddlers to teens. It is a great theme for kids who love to be active and learn new things! This theme also gives you variety of ways to personalize your child’s special day, from the colors you chose and to deciding if you go Olympic theme or just straight tumbling and flipping.

Things to look for when planning a gymnastic themed birthday!

· Bright colors: Girls Pinks blues and Purples: Boys, Blues, Greens, Reds, Yellows. Or the Gold, Silver,Bronze color scheme to tie in the medal colors.

· Medals or ribbons for favors

· Water bottles as they will be thirsty from the fun!

· Gymnastic décor, rings beams bars tramps, kids flipping.

· Cute invites with kids flipping or doing something fun!

Let’s talk invitations first, the first step is to come up with a fun and unique slogan to catch the eyes of the guest you are inviting. Using on like the title Come flip tumble and twirl with the birthday child! Or get more creative like we are going to have a flipping good time are you in or what! No matter what you chose it will attract people to come! One other piece of information to include in an invitation is since they will be doing active activity’s noting they should wear lose comfortable clothes. Follow this link to an awesome downloadable template for birthday labels and invites for gymnastic themes! . Decoration can be pretty easy to create for your party.

Decorating with objects incorporated with gymnastics like the rings can be hanging on the wall and can even be used to connect the happy birthday banner or have a silhouette of kid swinging on them. If you wanted to use a quick easy ring use glow sticks to add a little more pizzazz to your party. Having the uneven bars or beams hold and display the favors or medals for the party or even the cupcakes if you go that route. Star decorations and encouraging sayings can also be very fun to put up as decor. Things like you are worth more than Gold, first place birthday child! Anything that makes them feel like a winner and special on their day is a must!

As for activities to do if you are not having it at a gymnastics facility small things like can you do a cartwheel competition or have hand ribbons and make up a routine. If you do have it at an awesome place like Flips we provide all levels of gymnastic activities for your guest to try out! Like can they walk the beam on their tip-toes without falling to leaning a forward and backwards roll on the floor. Having a gymnastic themed party at our facility is very beneficial because our coaches are trained in leading and teaching gymnastic activities in a safe environment! Check out our Pinterest account to get inspiration in planning your big Flip-tastic birthday Bash!

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