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Parties with Minions!

I don't know about anyone else but i am in love with Minions and everything Minions!!! So when i found out we are helping to celebrate a minion birthday here at Flips Birthday Party Hall I got so excited and my mind raced with many ideas!!! So i decided for this week i will discuss with everyone how to plan the best Minion Bash on the face of the planet!!! One thing you must love is to get wild, silly and goofy because that’s everything that minions are!

Things to look for when planning a minion party.

  • Lots of Blue and yellow and maybe some Bananas?

  • Awesome goggles and some blue overalls!!

  • Activities that will make them laugh and be silly

  • Minions upon Minions!!!!!

Be on the lookout for my very first Vlog that will showcase tutorials on minion decor!!! It will be posted on Flips Birthday Party Hall youtube channel this week!

All the items needed for my minion decorations i got at the dollar store for under $15 dollars!!! That is something you really can’t beat!!

I will be making a minion balloon decoration, minion centerpiece for the tables and a minion gift or favor bag! There is so much you can do with a minion themed party you really cannot go wrong.

For the Minion bag all you will need is a coloring page if you are like me and not an artist!

Or you can free hand draw the minion and get super artsy and creative but I myself use templates!!!! A yellow bag some blue paper that’s it! My original plan was I was just going to use the overalls from the coloring page and trace but i decided to nix that idea and just create it free hand from the paper! I made the pants the size of the bottom of the bag where the fold line is. Cut out a triangle to show the separate legs and cut strips of blue paper for the overall straps. For the googles I used the one from the coloring pages cut them out colored them grey and colored on bigger glasses frame to fit the size of the bag. You can see a finished product above and in the upcoming days on YouTube!

The Next project I am working on making is the minion centerpiece, this uses a clear vase decorative shred in yellow and blue some googly eyes and some pipe cleaners. Basically i am going to fill the vase with blue decorative shred then the next step is to make the minion face I am going to make a smile I am using the smile from the coloring page above in the vase. What I would do for a whole party is make a different minion for each table you could even get purple shreds and make the monster version of the minions. Next I am using a pipe cleaner the color black for the goggles i think for this centerpiece i am going to do one eye because that one is my favorite! At the top of the vase i am going to add the yellow decorative shred once i have the face positioned where i want it. Then to top it off I will cut a pipe cleaner in small stripes for the little hairs on their heads, you can also use the black decorative shreds which can have the same affect. If you want to go above and beyond you could get construction helmets to place on top as that is one of the costumes they wear!

This last project is going to be my favorite! This is going to be a minion balloon weight! My lovely fiancé is in the process of spray painting the 2 liter of soda now blue and yellow. So while he is doing that I am using duct tape to change these really silly glasses grey! Sometimes you’re just going to have to get creative with things you have! I also used black electrical tape to tape the lid shut for two reasons, one i left the soda in it so its heavy enough to hold as many balloons full of helium as you want and this way it was extra sealed so no fumes from the spray paint will seep in! Two i used black tape so it can double as the top of those minions little adorable heads. I will let you know how well these projects go and how the final project looks within a day or so! Find Flips Birthday Party Hall on Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube to see how all this works out and comes together! One last thing i want to talk to about is activities, what minion games can you incorporate?

If your kids are allowed to play games on electronics there probably familiar with minion rush and i will admit even I got addicted for awhile with that game! Well this game is the perfect thing to use to incorporate fun games, set up an obstacle course that has the children run, jump, duck, through things all while trying to get as many bananas! The possibilities are endless so be creative and have fun get a little goofy!! One more idea for you is have a sundae making station remember in one of the movies there was a minion who made a sundae in its mouth and then added an umbrella to top it off then walked around with its head tilted back until he had swallowed it? Perfect way to tie in who can make the best minion sundae?!!? Just remember have fun get wild silly and goofy and sing Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba-Na-Na!

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