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WOW Factor

So you want to know how to get the wow factor for your child’s birthday party? Next to the food and the cake the decoration you chose to illustrate a theme will be what the guest walk away remembering. Here at Flips we have a décor amenity like no other hall We create unique and personalized balloon master pieces to go along with your theme, and if you were to pay someone to create one for you, you’re going to pay twice as much! Trust me that’s the wow factor you want, a balloon décor such as an arch to make their grand entrance to the party to pillars that hold a back drop up for a photo booth will leave your guest talking about how amazing a Party you had!. Which brings me to the next inexpensive wow décor that is easy for anyone to create, is the photo booth. What better way to remember all who came, or to capture all the memories shared by posing with a silly prop and saying cheese. They are also a great thing to include in all the thank you cards. Just type into google DIY photo booth props and millions of easy pintables come to your fingertips. Print them out, cut them and then glue to cardstock and a wood stick and Poof, there are awesome things that even parents will enjoy smiling for the camera with. You can also find most of what you need at the dollar store for already made props. Here at flips party hall we know how stressful it can be to find ways to have that Wow factor at your party. With the help of our party coordinator you will not need to stress she is there to help and inspire you to create a party atmosphere that will leave your guest talking about your event for time and time again.

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