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A new kind of party!

Do you have a child that is very active and loves to run jump and play, who may or may not know the word stand still? If you answered Yes to this question then Here at Flips Birthday Party Hall is Exactly the right fit. We have activities planned from beginning to end of party, which keeps kids running, laughing jumping high and just plain active trying new things. One of my favorite themes we have here at Flips is the Minute to Win it games. Our coaches conduct miniature games that have the kids racing and laughing. Even if they are having to wait for their turn they are so entertained that they actual will stand still! Along with our themed activities our coaches play group games with the kids that just love. Some of our favorite and most requested games are Ships and Sailors and Zoo Keeper, which are great games where the kids are moving all the time trying to out run or outsmart the coaches. Last but not least with our tramps and large foam pit jumping and flying into the soft pit will have your kids coming out and ready for a nap. Don’t worry about the little ones we have a preschool area set up with mats and obstacles to keep them active and playing the whole time, Along with a jumping balloon with a slide so they can jump to their hearts desire. With Very active kids we know how stressful and tiring it can be on the parents to keep them busy. We promised that parents can enjoy the party to and sit back and relax watching all the fun because our staff will do it all!

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