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It’s the little things that stand out

Parties are so much fun within themselves. Can you imagine adding a special surprise?! At Flips Birthday Party Hall we offer additional services to make your party a big hit. We offer popcorn, ice cream cones, temporary tattoos, balloon designs and much more. After the kids have loads of fun in the gym, greet them with a nice cold snow cone; I bet they will love that! What child would refuse an ice cream? Or maybe have them play the Wii game and treat them to some pop corn after. We usually try and make our kids’ parties the best. These are some ideas on how to do so. We also offer balloon designs for your special event. Can you imagine your guests walking in to arches of balloons in the color of your theme?! That would make an amazing entrance! So don't settle for a “plain” party and add that extra touch to your special event.

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