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A party planner plays a very important role in any event. Even though many of us might say, “Oh I can do it all myself!” Having someone to help make a big difference. Party planners eliminate the hassle of having to oversee every detail, you let them know how you want it, when and how many and it’s done. Typically we have family members who assist us in our events, but let’s be honest; how many times does the task given to them look like what you wanted? Not often, why? Because they seem to always think there is a “better” way to do things. So that throws off your whole party scheme or idea you had in mind. At Flips Birthday Party Hall Linnea is our party planner for your event. One you book your date she will contact you and explain in detail how our parties are scheduled or how you’d like your party to be scheduled. If you would like the tables a certain way, or the cake table decorated a particular way she would be your go to person. Your event will be planned out from the time your guests walk in the door to when it’s time to cut the cake. This will make an easy transition for all of your guests. Linnea will be the person you speak with about decorations and she will be the host of your event. We believe in making your event the best and FUN for everyone, and if having a party planner makes it easier for the parents then our goal was achieved.

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