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Not your typical birthday party…

Most party halls offer the usual, movie room, jumping balloon, and toddler area. Flips party hall is NOT your typical party hall. Many of our customers have had the greatest experience ever; they love that we don’t fit that mold. For our parties, the guests have full access to the gym. They may play on our trampolines, our balance beams, bars, we have a toddler area set up with different activities for them and the toddler jumping balloon. Parents are able to choose a theme for the kids while in the gym so that they have even more fun, than just playing on the equipment. We have themes such as: Carnival, Minute-to-win-it, and Dance party. For the Carnival theme games like, potato sack races, pop the balloons, land the frog on the lily pad, are set out for the kids to play. The Dance party is set up in our ballet room with the Wii and Just Dance video game. The kids LOVE this theme! They get to listen to music and dance which is what most kids do now a days. Play time in the gym is incorporated within these games, but we added a bit more to our program to assure that the party guests have a GREAT time at ALL times.

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