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Weather Worries

Planning a birthday party is always nerve wrecking, not only do we need to make sure and keep our guests happy, but we worry about the weather! Mother Nature can be bipolar with the weather sometimes, it’s unbelievable. One day it will be nice and the next day triple digits and everything melts. Or, we have rain for hours upon hours and our tables and decorations are completely wet. The weather should be the least of our worries. That’s why we opted to have our parties in a hall. Wither rain or shine or scorching HOT, we are inside a nice cooled building without a worry. Our guests are happy and cool or warm, depending on the season, but we get to enjoy the party. What ends up happening when parties are held in our homes and it rains? Everyone runs inside the house for shelter! So not only do you now have a messy backyard, but you also have a messy home. Guests begin to leave because of the weather, or there is not enough space within the home for everyone to fit. Or the opposite happens, everyone stays and you have a FULL house. We prefer to rent a hall for our birthday parties to make sure all of our guest fit comfortably and we don’t have to worry about the weather will be like.

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