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Hot Wheels lead the way!

From the age kids can first put things in their hands toy cars have been one of the most popular items to play with. From then on kids expand on their toy car collection for years to come. Why does this matter when planning a kid’s party? Well because the perfect theme comes from something they love! Hot Wheels or just car theme is a great party option for all age parties.

Things to include in your party!

· Color Scheme with any combinations of the colors; red, yellow, orange, blue, green, and/or Black.

· Hot wheels to display on the cake and centerpieces. Toy cars can also make an affordable favor for guest.

· Race track table covers.

· Stoplights and checkered flags

· Relay races and timed games for activities.

This theme allows for a lot of open creativity for creating a one of kind party for your kid. The variety of colors to choose from make it really simple for finding decorations and customizing it. A cute way to display the food area is creating a sign that say fuel station or pit stop. For the tables having racetrack, use a black plastic table cloth and use white tape to create the lanes. This allows for the guest to play cars as there sitting at the tables. Doing balloon decor as stop lights with checked flags at the top of the column is a great way to tie in the theme with easy decor. There are so many great games that can be played with this theme!

Relay races are always some of my favorite. One game I love to include is the tire race. What you need is the inflatable inner tubes, you can either have them already blown up have that be part of the race. If there are kids that are old enough to inflate the inner tubes themselves. How the game is played is each team must roll the tire through the cones to the other side, you can say they are part of the pit crew and we need to get the new tires on the race car as fast as we can! Other relay games to play is the three legged race and the egg or ping pong on the spoon. One other easy activity to do is take a pool noodle and cut it in half long ways which makes a car ramp that the party guest can take their turn racing their friends!

The key is having cars cars cars! Along with keeping the kids active in the activities. You really can’t go wrong with this theme. It is a fun time for all ages even the dads will want to participate in the activities!


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