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Party ideas for Halloween

With it being October and Halloween right around the corner it’s only fitting to talk about Halloween themed birthday parties! My birthday is the week before Halloween and I always loved having a Halloween birthday party. With every store having shelfs of Halloween decoration it will be no problem to find fun ways to decorate your house for a spooky good time. In a Halloween themed party it is easy to go as board as anything Halloween to more specific like witches and wizards to monsters and ghouls.

What to look for when planning a Halloween themed birthday.

· Glow Sticks

· Orange and Black colors

· Monster, Skeleton, Vampires

· Pumpkins

· Halloween Inspired Snacks

When throwing a Halloween bash dim lighting black lights and glow sticks and candles to illuminate the room. The dollar store is a great place to start for anything Halloween such as the glow sticks and led candles. Fake creepy crawlers and the table clothes for the tables. There is so much out there to make glowing monsters one I really like that I have seen is the floating candles, what you will need is a paper towel roll, led candle hot glue, and fishing line. Putting glow and the dark stars on the ceiling will give you the effect of them floating in the night sky.

Making monster balloons are very easy here is an example of a way to do this; the credit for this picture goes to this little monster themed party by Carol Colon, of Partylicious. Drawing the faces on the balloons gives you the choice to make scary or silly faces. Making drink potions with food coloring that are purple and green or that look like a witches potions. One fun Idea to do as an activity is pumpkin decorating getting the mini pumpkins and paint and they can decorate them any way they want!

One fun snack that is an easy to put together is the skeleton hands all you need is a clear food serving glove, candy corn. Popcorn or candy and small goodies. I am sure at some point your son or daughter has already come home with this favor. Below is a picture as an example. It so easy to do place it on the tables or hand out at the end of the party as favors.

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