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Go Ninja go Ninja Go

Title: Go Ninja go Ninja Go

Picking a theme for a girl’s party is pretty easy these days no little girl would turn down a princess or frozen themed party but boys it can be a little harder! A lot of times they are more rowdy and active and so the theme and activities have to match their energy levels. So what do you do? You could always go for the super hero theme that is a pretty common one to choose. How about get a little more unique with a ninja themed party, be it just a basic ninja party or go more detailed and make it a teenage mutant ninja turtle party! These two themes have the same elements to plan.

What to look for when planning a ninja themed party are.

  • Ninja accessories like: ninja stars, nun chucks, ninja bandanas or belts ninja sticks

  • Ninja inspired activities.

  • Ninja nutrition

So let’s talk everything Ninja accessories, ninja stars are a must but because we don’t want any injuries going the route of ninja origami stars is the perfect way to go! Here is a link done by someone else that is an awesome tutorial that anyone can follow and learn how to make. you can chose to have these pre-made and just laid out for decorations and ready to use for activities later, or if your child loves to make things have him and his friends each make some ninja stars for the use of the party and to take home. For the nun chucks there are two really easy ways to make these for a fun accessory. One way is with a paper towel roll cut in a half or two empty rolls of toilet paper, some string and some paint or whatever material you want to use to color and decorate the nun chucks and then use a hole puncher and tie ribbon to an one end of each roll. The picture is an example of one, this is super easy and something your child I am sure would love to help make for their party! Another way if you wanted bigger ones is to cut a pool noodle in half and connect ribbon to each end to be a more padded one if you are going to allow nun chuck fights. Ninja sticks what I mean is the wood poles you always see in ninja movies that they use to fight each other. Now with kids wood sticks would be asking for injuries so you can use a pool noodle again or even those twist balloons used to make balloon animals as fighting sticks. Now the most fun of all is the ninja bandana mask or belt! Every ninja needs this for part of their costume and I promise they are easy and affordable to make and they double as a great favor for the kids. What you will need is fabric and scissors for the simple mask. If you want to get really fancy you can buy the iron on pages to make personalized bandanas here are the two I designed with my mom for her daycare that were ninja turtle themed. As you can see the first picture we took a small strip and cut out eye slots and made it tie-able in the back as so it can fit many heads.

The Second photo we took the iron on pages to make the names

Of the turtle make sure you measure the size you need first so the letters do not come out to small or large.

For the activities! Ninjas are well balanced, patient, skilled,

dedicated and active so incorporate the lessons of a ninja in your party.

When we host a ninja party here we use the balance beams to test the party’s guest balance skills we have them stand on one foot or catch a ball without falling off. This can still be done without a balance beam on the floor just make it harder for them to balance. Also another fun one to practice the poise of a ninja is the egg race have them carry an egg or a plastic egg on a spoon across the floor without it dropping. Now for my most favorite activity to do with a ninja themed party is to set up a laser maze. Use red string and objects to have the kid’s crotch, climb over or go through the lasers. If they break the string or touch the string that means they must start over trust me kids love this! Don’t forget to use your ninja stars and have a target practice area!

The ninja nutrition can really be anything if it is a ninja turtle theme it is a must to serve pizza. With ninja they eat a lot of sushi or rice and things make a sushi fruit roll up or get one of those mini sandwich trays that look like little sushi the possibilities are endless!

Having a ninja themed party will keep any boy engaged and having fun so the rowdiness can be controlled to appropriate levels. Trust me even adults will have fun engaging in this theme! Don’t forget every ninja needs a ninja name!

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