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Decorating for your party

When you walk into a party that is decorated with vibrant colors and images one of the areas that attract the most attention is the table décor! This is where your guest sits to mingle, enjoy the food and observe the party. Simple balloon bouquets are just plain boring now! It’s time to get creative and fun with centerpieces. Table decorations are one of my all-time favorite things to create for a party. This is where your imagination can run wild and your personality shines through!! Table decorations no matter how elaborate can look stunning without breaking the bank! Today I am going to discuss with you my favorite table decorations that will look great with any Party!

The most popular centerpieces consist of balloons, tissue paper, vases, and candy, the question many have is where to purchase these items without going broke! Well don’t worry I have the answers for you! There are lots of stores that can help assist you in creating the greatest center pieces. These are the Dollar Store which is my favorite place to go for all things party, Wal-Mart, Michaels and Oriental Trading. The reason I love the dollar store is that it has fun things to use as decoration and all for a dollar or two, however if you’re are hosting a large birthday party and that may need a lot of tables to decorate Oriental trading is the way to go! They have candy bundles balloons in all colors and other fun things to add to your decorations. Just make sure you have fun if it starts stressing you out then you know you’re over thinking it!

There are few rules of thumb when choosing the table décor that will just make it easier on you. Pick a table décor that has some or all of these Components; Table décor should be disposable, reusable in some aspect, or used as the favors for the party. If it is disposable there is less to transport home or find a place to store in your house. If it is reusable like vases or bowls they can be used as home décor in your house or gifts for others. My Favorite is if it doubles as the favor or part of the snacks you eliminate another item to incorporate which saves you money but it also is then reusable and disposable after the Party. Enough of the boring stuff let’s talk ideas and inspiration!!!

For a kids party an idea that is becoming very popular is to do use long sheets of white or brown paper as the table clothes and have the center pieces incorporate crayons and markers that allow guest to doodle while enjoying the festivities. If that does not appeal to you going the route of vases of all different sizes filled with colorful candy or tissue paper to give it that pop! If you still wanted to add balloons a cute way is to get a class jar that has a lid and fill it up with candy like skittles or M&M’s and get a candle of the number they are turning or the letter of their name and stick it in the jar. Then tie the Balloons to the lid handles. What is great is dollar stores and oriental trading have big bags of candy and glass jars to use. Having candy in your centerpieces are great way to incorporate the favors, leave little bags on the table that guest can fill candy with to take home. Or doing a lollipop bouquet all you need is a foam ball a nice vase or flower pot and dum dum suckers it that easy. Just poke the Sucker stick through the foam ball until the entire sphere is covered then set on top of a vase or pot and TaDaa you are done! All the required items can be found at the dollar store and cost you anywhere from 5-10 dollars so No bad! Balloons are another way to make your centerpieces shine decorates the balloons words or letters to add that extra pop.

No matter what you chose just remember have fun be creative and let your imagination run wild! Use colors and eye catching imagery to intrigue your guest and please the kids. Thinking outside the box will leave you with a unique idea that will wow your guest. You will feel good with all the complements you receive just be careful you may be asked to decorate for other’s parties because your ideas are so good. Before you give all the table decoration away save one for the birthday child so they may have one to themself!

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