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Title: Step Right Up! Come one and all!

What’s better than a familiar activity that will make it exciting for guest to come?

What party theme gives that charm and excitement to all?

CARNIVAL! A party really can’t go wrong with a carnival theme. This is because it is versatile for both girls and boys, ages one to 100. This theme can be decorated extravagantly with balloon characters of clowns or animals to big banners and games AND is simple yet still have that wow factor.

Using lots of bright colors can bring the image of a carnival alive to your guest, having animal crackers or peanut centerpieces and favors. Simple foods to serve are; hotdogs, pizza, popcorn and cotton candy which are all affordable and enjoyable!

Here at Flips Birthday Party Hall we have a carnival theme ready for you with all the fun games associated with carnivals like the ring toss and the ball toss to balloon popping!

Our Party Coordinator, Linnea, can create personalized balloon characters to help the decoration pop! This theme will provide so much fun and entertainment to your guest that they will leave talking about it the whole drive home! So Step Right Up and Enjoy the Party!

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