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The Perfect Party

Finding a theme for your child’s next birthday can be stressful and hard to choose. So to help you out I have compiled a list of the top 3 girls and boys themes. For girls believe it or not Rainbow dashed themed parties are the top hit! This theme gives you a variety of ways to decorate with color choices that can include all the colors of the rainbow. Coming in second is of course Frozen with pretty blues and whites and Ana and Elsa pictures a very fun way to do favors for this theme is have themed goodies like building their own snowman out of marshmallows and pretzels, to having white chocolate covered pretzels as snowflakes. The third pick is Monster High Pink and black are a very nice color combo and provide many options on how to decorate.

Now for the boys as some may guess the top theme for a boys party is of course super heroes with the new release of the avengers movie there are a variety of options of decorations to pick up. One easy and cost effective way is to make DIY posters of each superheroes sign like captain America’s shield to Thors Hammer out of poster board. Second we have the Teenage mutant ninja turtle which is a theme that allows you to release your imaginative and creative side. For one simple decoration buy green balloons and draw on the colors of all the turtles mask onto the balloon now you will have all the turtles present at your party! Thirdly is the Wrestling theme Black and red are very popular colors and go great together finding decorations for this party will be easy. A cool bonus thing to do for a wrestling theme is find out the theme song to your child’s favorite wrestler and have that playing sometime during your child’s party.

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