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Birthday parties

When it comes to our little one’s birthday celebration we always want the best! The decorations have to be top notch, the cake has to be perfectly decorated, and the fun for the kids needs to be NON-STOP! If you are like me, half the time I would prefer to have the party in my home, that changed once I realized it’s double the work! You clean before the party because you don’t want your guests to see a messy house, then you clean after because you NOW have a messy house! I was done with house parties, so I booked my party at Flips Birthday Party Hall. I tell you it was the best decision I could’ve made. We were able to go in an hour before the party and decorate as we pleased. There was plenty of seating for the parents and the kids were in the gym the majority of the time. While the kids were in the gym, they had coaches watching them, and playing games with them. So the kids were not running around like crazy or bored as usual. There is only one way in and out of the gym, and that is through the lobby doors which is where the parents are. The parents had a great time as well. They were able to enjoy their meal, and have a comfortable adult conversation without having to ask “where are the kids?” The kids were safe in the gym and having a blast. Not only did the coaches help in the gym, but they helped organize the piñata, candy bags and cutting of the cake. Best part is THEY clean for you! Overall, it was the best decision we could’ve made, the kids loved it and the parents had a great time too!

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