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Ninja Zone Birthday Party

This past Saturday, we here at Flips Birthday Party Hall got the awesome chance to help a family celebrate their son's 7th birthday with our Ninja Zone theme! This theme is one of our favorites because the kids that attend get to have that unique Ninja Zone experience that they can't get anywhere else! They get to discover and do things that they never thought they could do before and it is super great to see! The party started off as all our parties usually do and that is with some fun group games that get the kids running around and warmed up before they attempt any skills. This is for safety and also to get the guests, especially for the kids that have never been to our facility before, comfortable with the gym environment and to get acquainted with our trained coaches. The kids then got to jump and flip around on our trampolines into our gigantic foam pit! They got to impress their friends with some of the skills that they knew and cheer each other on as they each took their turns bouncing down the tumble track. What sets a Ninja Zone party apart from all the rest and makes up the core of our Ninja Zone program here at Gymnastics Elite are the obstacle courses! Our coaches set up a variety of different course through out the entire gym that incorporated all the ninja moves like roles, kicks, balance, climbing and jumps and also not letting things get dull or repetitive for a minute. The courses challenge the kids to use all that energy they have to push themselves and try something new. And don't think that a Ninja Zone party is just for the boys to enjoy. The guests included both boys and girls and they all had a blast and where able to keep up with each other through out all the activities. The decorations followed the ninja theme perfectly as well. There were red and black balloon pillars that we offer to make for our customers that sign up for a certain package that added an excellent touch to the party along side the ninja cake, cup cakes and candy bags! The parents and coaches did a stupendous job setting up the tables with creative center pieces made up of ninja masks and chop sticks along side plates of candies made to look like sushi! This theme has a lot to offer those who choose it and is always sure to please!

To schedule a birthday party with us or if you have any questions or need more information please call us at (915) 590-9056 or visit our website We hope to be celebrating with you soon!

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