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New birthday party ideas!

There are many milestone birthday’s to celebrate throughout the years of birthday celebration, from the 1st birthday to when the turn sweet 16. One that many may not know about and that is a really fun party to plan is your child Golden Birthday! This the birthday when they turn the age of the day they were born so if someone is born on November 14th their golden birthday would be on their 14th. The goal of a golden birthday is to something extra special to celebrate them. That doesn’t mean that you have to go big and expensive you can still go small and within budget just make it something you haven’t done for their party thus far. So how to plan or what themes can you do for their golden birthday? It’s a lot simpler than you think.

There is one simple element that must be included in every golden birthday party and that is gold and more gold! Gold decorations to include:

  • Big Mylar balloons in the number he or she is turning!

  • Gold confetti

  • Favor bags

  • A candy buffet full of golden delights!!!

  • Balloons

  • Gold Medals

If you don’t want to go with all-out gold party many themes can be incorporated with a golden birthday party. For girls doing a princess or rock star/movie star are great themes for making her feel like she is a famous person! Great things to include in these themes are:

  • Photo-booth

  • Red carpet entrance

  • Photo collages of the birthday girl!

  • Crown or Tiara

  • They also have birthday sashes for golden birthdays

For the boys doing a Willie Wonka golden ticket theme. All-star sports player, rock or Hollywood star are great themes for any boy to have that extra spotlight on his big day! Things to include

  • Big banners with their name printed

  • Jersey numbers with their age and last name

  • Red carpet treatment

  • Photo stations

Every birthday should be celebrated with the mind frame of making your child feel special, their golden birthday is a birthday to go above and beyond, what you do even before the party do things to make them feel like the rock star they are!

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