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Choosing a piñata

Contemplating having a piñata at your child’s birthday? List here is a few other alternatives to doing a piñata. The cheapest and easiest alternative is a balloon drop. Party city as one time use balloon drop, all you do is pull a string and down the balloons fall! To take the balloon drop a step further or a whole separate alternative is to fill the balloons with candy thread a string through the knot of the balloon to make a garland blind fold each kid and have them pop one balloon each to have them find an individual surprise. Want to do away with all the mess and stress just make piñata cookies and goodie bags. I found a great instruction for the cookies at There a fun party edition for any party and easy to make. Also instead of candy you can fill piñatas with small toys hair ties or little notepads and activity books. There are some many alternatives or tweaks to the traditional piñata.

Linnea Zager

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